90 Best Workplace Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2023

China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 — which brought a surge of foreign investment and jobs — saved the day. New shocks to the economy and demographics raised the threat of youth unemployment yet again through the 1950s and ’60s. With the economy faltering after the disastrous Great Leap Forward and loss of Soviet aid, a generation of Chinese urban baby boomers were about to graduate into a worsening job market.

Your calendar doesn’t need to cost a thing, and it certainly doesn’t require the use of unfamiliar tools or platforms. Open up Excel or Google Sheets, and start building a schedule from there. The columns you use are completely up to you, but you’ll probably want to create different sections for the publishing date, blog title, main keywords, article status and comments.

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Then, use headers and subheaders to break up your content into organized, bite-sized chunks. Beneath each heading, make bulleted notes of the main points you’ll include in each section. When you type that phrase into the search engine, you’ll notice that the top results are written as numbered steps, rather than as a story. You can therefore assume that most readers prefer the list format for these types of posts. In order to provide valuable content to your readers—and to rank high on Google as a result—you’ll want your own post to assume a similar format. By this model, think about a broad topic—say, recipes—and then divide that up into smaller subtopics, like dinner recipes or brunch recipes.

A personal blog can increase its owner’s popularity and social media standing, while a business blog can be a very useful marketing tool that helps the organization establish a recognizable brand voice. Consistently presenting engaging ideas on your blog is one strategy you can use to increase your number of regular readers. Regardless of the demographics of your target audience, adding fresh content attracts new readers and encourages existing ones to return. Developing new blog content is also a great way to help your blog stay relevant and timely, but it can require you to research new ideas frequently. It’s time to review some of the vocabulary words we’ve learned these past three months. Or, if you don’t follow this blog, a list of 35 random vocabulary words.

Remotive Blog

Erica Diamond writes for women who find themselves sitting “on the fence,” whether in life, business, or love. Anyone struggling to move beyond a challenge (like dealing with the boss from hell or just trying to juggle it all) will find inspiration on her blog, which was also rated a Forbes Top 100 site. Penelope Trunk, co-founder of Brazen Careerist, has been touted the queen of unhindered commentary—her personal blog’s tagline is “advice at the intersection of work and life,” and she pretty much covers it all. Trunk is smart, brutally honest, transparent, and a little bit nuts—and she can be very controversial (her blog posts range from “Don’t Do What You Love” to “Choose Sex Over Money”). But agree with her or not, she ultimately offers some interesting nuggets of advice for just about everyone.

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  • While not every blog includes this final bit, it’s a nice way to tie your ideas together and share your closing thoughts.
  • With rates starting at $150/article, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t head over to their website and apply to be one of their bloggers on hand to fill relevant client projects that appear.
  • Tanesha breaks all these rules and shows women of all shapes and sizes how to look work-appropriate and stylish.
  • The company offers various programs, ebooks, and resources to help remote employees manage their time and productivity effectively.

To motivate yourself to blog regularly, you’ll need to write about something you’re genuinely interested in. If you choose a topic solely on the basis of its being popular or profitable, your efforts will peter out pretty quickly, along with your entire blog content strategy. Once you’ve chosen your blogging platform and hosting provider, you can start coming up with your https://remotemode.net/blog/ blog idea. Once you select your preferred blogging platform, you’ll need to choose a hosting platform. This essentially stores websites on a server under a unique address so that visitors can easily reach them. While a blog can encompass an entire website or simply be its own section of a website, this is a place to share content about a topic you’re passionate about.

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Join 140,000 other leaders and receive updates that will help you grow your business, inspire new ways to engage your employees, and resources to help your workplace run smoother. If the government does not boost household consumption or ease its grip on China’s private sector, high urban unemployment — youth discontentment — is here to stay. In recent years, many disillusioned young Chinese have joined in an antiwork movement known as lying flat, slacking off as a form of silent resistance. A Peking University economist studying this movement estimated that when those who are willingly lying flat are taken into account, almost half of all Chinese youths may be jobless. In the late ’90s, state-owned enterprises, which were pillars of the Mao-era economy, conducted widespread layoffs as a part of market reforms, threatening urban employment yet again. The Asian financial crisis compounded things, and laid-off state workers and pensioners protested in rust belt cities in northeastern China.

  • Simply take your smartphone and capture a short, authentic, inside view of your company culture.
  • In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find all the guidance and tools you’ll need to start a blog.
  • A blog will typically include both written and visual elements published in an easy-to-read, article format so visitors can swiftly browse and find what they’re looking for.
  • Presenting interesting content on your blog is an important strategy to generate traffic and gain an audience.

We’ve also curated some playlists to improve your concentration when working remotely. Make sure to enter our competition too by posting a picture with #WorkFromHomeDay for the chance to win some exclusive prizes. This includes a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones or a Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand. Try my free AI-Powered Blog Title Generator Tool to get dozens of SEO-friendly headline ideas to make your blog posts stand out today. Of course, this kind of value rarely comes for free, but in this case, it’s almost free as SolidGigs offers a 30-day trial for $2. Afterwards, membership comes at an affordable $19/month investment—which is easily paid off by landing just one gig from their job board every once in a while.

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Simply take your smartphone and capture a short, authentic, inside view of your company culture. If your company has won any kind of the “Best Employer” or “Best Places to Work” awards, proudly announce it on your company’s career blog! If not, think about making a news out of your perfect Glassdoor reviews. Every career blog idea is followed by a great, real-life example from big brands.

If you love wearing dresses to work, prepare for lots of great inspiration here. We hope so now that you have some more resources and blogs to help you on your way. You can even get a taste of working from home this 10th April, the Global Work From Home Day. Namely, an HR software company, shares the top six metrics they’ve found to be most useful for organizations. Get tips on how to encourage more innovative behavior and grow your people’s ability to solve problems in new and creative ways.






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